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Welcome to Linyana's Health Oasis, an elite holistic practice built for today's modern woman. Here, a focus on women's health & fertility is a top priority. We use contemporary and time-honored treatment methods to correct the underlying source of imbalances. This approach addresses the whole person and provides superior long-lasting results.

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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is one of the oldest forms of therapy known to mankind and yet, it is still the most popular form of alternative medicine used today. Describing acupuncture as being unique would be an understatement. There is no other form of therapy that can activate the body's own healing capabilities gentle and effortlessly. Acupuncture is highly recognized throughout the medical field because it can effectively treat conditions that are otherwise difficult to treat by other medical professionals. In addition to it's effectiveness, acupuncture is known to have what is called - positive side effects. You will leave your appointments feeling relaxed and invigorated while your body continues the process of healing.

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I like treating women, it's like we are sisters! Nothing makes me feel happier than helping a woman who has been through it all and now whatever life has thrown at her, it's taking it's toll on the body. Everything can affect health: being a super amazing dancer, an avid runner, a yoga instructor, an executive with many pressures, or even a bad breakup.

My initial approach to your care is basic - I get to know you. We uncover your health challenges, health goals and go over what your ideal life would be like if you were super happy with your health status. After that, we develop a personal plan to help you get there. It doesn't matter if it's a simple ankle sprain or seeking natural treatment for fertility. Either way, I got you.

Sometimes treatment will be just Acupuncture, and other times you may need every single treatment I have available under my sleeve. No matter what your condition is, I work my tail off to get you better!



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Healthy. Happy. Healed.

I believe that each person has a journey and a unique way of healing. Acupuncture is different than any other medicine, every detail of your life matters. Upon discovering how your body reacts to daily stressors that may exacerbate your condition, personalized treatment plans are created and adjusted to match your progress throughout a course of sessions. Incorporating acupuncture, healthy eating and lifestyle changes into your life can alter the progression of your medical condition and even reverse it.  The collateral benefits will be improved energy, weight loss, better sleep, less stress, less time off of work due to illness, and many more. My dedication to you in combination with your dedication to health will make you smile, laugh and oh yeah, it'll make you feel better too. But that's a given!

As an out-of-network provider, I happily accept most insurance.
— Linyana G.

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